IT Services

This webpage pertains to information technology services, offering straightforward and accessible solutions. It is important to emphasize that all software and code provided herein should be utilized solely for designated tasks. If uncertain, refrain from attempting any actions.

For accessing the Windows Command Processor (CMD), one can activate the Windows run section by pressing the Win + R hotkeys, inputting "CMD" in the designated field, and pressing enter.

# Windows user list

# Windows Remote Desktop:

# Access local server shared IP:
Online virus/malware scanners: # for speed scan. # for maximum detail.

QR Code for QR Code for
Online Tools
# Convert your files to better versions.

# Generate strong passwords.

# Check your AdBlock system/extension.
Adblock Test

# Measure area with Google Map.
Google Maps Area Calculator

# Check the grammar of the website.

# Show IP address and browser details.

Windows Cmd commands (for IT department):
# Set attribute of files to read-only

# Set attribute of files to writable

# Ask for restart (save commands to Restart.bat with notepad)
Start SolidWorks at Given Time Daily

This batch job script allows for the automated initiation of SolidWorks at a specified time each day.

To delete the scheduled task:

Bat Job Examples
# Create file name list:

# Find files that meets specified criteria and list them:

# Delete Empty Folders:
Windows Cmd commands (for engineers):
# Task Kill SolidWorks Apps
# Run SolidWorks macro from command line

# SolidWorks Links
Copy from somedir to an other dir
Transfer numerous large files from the server to the local disk. In the event of a network failure, utilize the provided code to resume copying from the point of the last successfully transferred file.
Combine All CSV Files as Text - Batch Job

This batch job script facilitates the merging of multiple CSV files into a single text file.

Windows Cmd commands (for security):
Sample Codes:
# Get Windows 10 login screen background images: